Scribe Aug, 3, 2016
This is our first meeting at Pacific Inn.  The room was well set up with menus at each place and a coffee corner.  Speaker Lyle Konner was among the first to arrive.  Roberta chaired in the absence of Pat.  O O’Canada was led by Alan who also gave the convocation.  There was no Rotary Minute in the absence of Sandra.  Jeff used the time to sell some Rotary items from cleaning out his garage AGAIN.  Al bought a shirt and Jerry bought a wine glass.
Roberta read an e mail re grants.  Ken Smith was our representative but has transferred to Delta.
BBQ Aug 17 and Bryant Park Work Party Aug. 13.
Swirl Wine fund raiser meeting this evening that Rick is going to.
Wed Aug 17 at Blackie’s Spit.  BBQ at 6 pm.  It is suggested people bring their own protein, cutlery, plates, chairs and drinks and an item for pot luck for 6 people.  A sign-up sheet was circulated. Ideas were solicited for other socials.  March will be Irish.
Al Benson acted as Sergeant.  Lyle had brought 2 jars of honey donated and auctioned to Al and Deirdre (Brian paid).  Rick paid for a trip to Nootka Island for fishing.  Renee paid again for failure of her car air conditioner.  Alan paid for radiation treatment which has started and will end Sept. 9.
Jerry introduced Lyle who is a charter member of our club and now is a bee keeper.
Lyle gave a very interesting talk after determining that he was the most knowledgeable bee keeper in the room.  Bees see color differently than humans and have 5 eyes.  He told us about catch boxes, queen bees, and products – wax, honey and bee pollen.  He showed us hives, lids, bottom boards and spoke of winterizing.  He told us that bee problems include electric wires, hive beetles and wasps.  Queens live for 2 years while drones only live for 6 weeks.  The drones life cycle includes cleaner, nurturer, ventilator, intimidator and only in the last 2 weeks of life, honey bee.  Lyle showed us hive tools and door reducers.  There are 50000 to 60000 bees in a hive.  If a queen dies without replacement a bee keeper can buy a queen for $500.00.
Bee keepers can make extra money by putting hives in areas for pollinating.  Lyle does not do this.  Catching a swarm can save $500.  Flavor depends on location.  Some honey contains artificial flavoring.
Al thanked Lyle.