Scribe Feb. 22, 2017
Rotary Minute - Alan Benson talked about Rotary in Russia from an article written some time ago.  There was a 40 to 50 year period when not much was happening because no NGOs were allowed in Russia.  Now there are Rotary clubs that work hard.  One partnered with Aeroflot to fly 40 people to Alaska.
Sergeant - Pat was fined for forgetting to introduce guests so belatedly Don introduced Iola.  Deirdre paid the usual dollar that Brian pays and was fined for not rigging last week’s raffle in favor of the sergeant.  Renee paid just because.  She also reported on the Pacific Guide dog puppies and on our dog for Sophie’s  place which is still in training (the dog that is).  Iola was happy for the dogs.  Roberta paid because Jerry said to!  Don Jerry and Jeff paid for not wearing pink on anti bullying day.  (Lots of others should have paid.)  Jeff also paid for “looking like a banker”.
Alan read most of a letter from our YAIL person who also said she would speak to us if asked.  She enjoyed the experience.  It was reported that at the executive meeting Emery said we can send an over age person to Adventures in Citizenship.
Deirdre reported on the membership meeting last Saturday.  It was a packed half day with good input from the floor.  Key items are: We need to listen, membership will be part of District Training, Visioning and Fireside Chats are part of the program.
Dean Rohrs will be speaking Sat. Mar 4 at Newlands.  She was said to be a very interesting speaker.  Cost is $45 per person.
Dierdre reported from Brian.  He is back in Bangkok.  Work is done in Batambang to their standard which is less than our standard.
Jeff wants sergeant and draws to be regular because it raises money for club activities.
It was reported that the White Rock Club Meetings are moving out of the Field House but where to was not known.
Speaker - Rick Singh spoke and showed pictures from his recent trip to India.  He started by speaking of moves from India to Guiana, Toronto and the west coast of Canada.  They landed in India at the very modern airport at 1 am and had a45 minute ride to their hotel.  The same ride can take 3 hours at rush hour.  There is much pollution.  Playing fields are in use early and may have several games on a field for one in this crowded country.  A crack down on corruption caused line ups at banks and electronic tellers and a black market in currency exchange.  Traffic is crazy but there are few accidents.  There are many monuments and towers.  A rickshaw ride is highly recommended and amazing in the congestion.  Markets are very organized.  Women work very hard.  Cows are everywhere.  Country is very different from cities.  Everyone is after money.  There are fruit stands and gypsies at the side of the road.  The government has a 2030 plan for modern apartment buildings.  Trains are cheap but crowded.
Draw - Pat’s ticket was drawn and he pulled the joker.  He donated funds to the club.