Scribe July 12, 2017
Scott led “O Canada” and Jerry gave the invocation.
We had many visitors including two D.G.s (one from Mexico); visiting Rotarian’s including one from North Carolina and 3 speakers.
Lindajean promoted the District Conference, a 3 day cruise from and to Seattle.
Stan Carter promoted the hospice BBQ Saturday July 22 at 6 p.m.  He also mentioned the passing from Cancer of George Garrett’s partner in organizing drivers.
Deirdre told us we are applying for an International grant for the orphanage in Batambang.  Several letters have been received.  Stuart is continuing to work on this project in spite of leaving Rotary. 
The Fab Four are available for another fund raising concert in fall.  The Irish Club will be presenting $3,100 to us.
Pat thanked Dierdre, Brian and others for their efforts.
Joanne has had surgery and Alan is continuing his recovery.
Scott collected for the North Carolina Alzheimer's project
Judy Krewchuk, Director of Sophie’s Place, soon to be V.P. thanked us for our fund raising.  Their function is growing rapidly and they need more space. 
Linda Waterman, Executive Director of P.A.D.S. and puppy puma, told us this is the 30th year of P.A.D.S.  There are presently 190 dogs in training.   Caber was the first dog and went to the Delta Police Service.  Dogs give comfort to child witnesses.  Their mandate is Western Canada but they have grown to cover all of Canada.  They are looking for the best dog for Sophie’s Place and will have one within 8 months. 
A cheque for $15594.50 was presented and photographed.
A 2 man team was chosen.
An executive meeting will be held next Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. 
NO REGULAR MORNING MEETING on July 19.  A BBQ will be held at Blackie’s Spit in the evening.  Both people who volunteered BBQ’s are doubtful attendees.  Rick will do a BBQ of lamb sometime