August 13, 2014: Lexie has benefited from a number of Rotary programs.  She attended the Rotary International Convention in Sydney, Australia in 2014.  She was awarded a Rotary grant to go in September to London. England to study for a masters degree.  She will study Education and Drug Policy.  She Has studied in Washington, D.C. and she played soccer in Surrey.  She also worked in a long term addiction recovery centre in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver.  The centre she worked in is based on the world travels of its benefactor and is one of the best in North America.  She also taught the people there who she said are very good students though they struggle every day with their addiction.

She had an Ambassadorial Scholarship and now has a new grant which is a matching grant.  The total will be $36K but she must raise $12K with some strange and controversial rules which Jeff is researching.  She is sponsored by the Langley Rotary Club

Lexie was a good speaker, very enthusiastic, and likely a good selection for a grant.  We will consider supporting her after Geoff reports on his research