Scribe Aug 10, 2016
We had a very good turnout today with several visitors and a very good speaker.
Social BBQ at Blackie’s Spit at 6 PM instead.  If weather is bad back up is at Renee’s Club House.  The sign up sheet was passed around again.
Pat Hahn was back and in the chair.  He introduced this year’s banner from President, Germ, with the phrase, “Rotary Serving Humanity”.
Your Scribe was chastised for last week not reporting that Deirdre has taken on membership attraction and retention as two members have been lost.
Pat reported that our team will be in golf fun this week.  The event benefits the Rotary Foundation which is one of the best charities in the world.
Sip and Savour
Rick spoke on this event being promoted by Swirl Wines and the Shine a Light Charity.  This event which raised $30K last year will be held at Semiahmoo Shopping Centre.  Tickets last year were $75.  This year a table of 10 will go for $650, $65 per person.  Organizers are looking for partners and the beneficiary is not yet decided.  There were many sponsors last year and they have not been contacted yet. The Peace Arch News is one sponsor who is in again.  The Peace Arch Hospital Foundation was a beneficiary last year is not in this year.  They may have felt that the benefit was not commensurate with the effort.  Peace Arch News sees it as a terrific event. Terry Parr Plaza is one proposed beneficiary.  Terry was a Rotarian at the Semiahmoo Club but it is not yet certain that that club is in.  Pat will reach out to other rotary clubs to help determine our participation.  Bob pointed out that such opportunities are rare.
Rick Singh introduced speaker Steve Scott.
 Steve is good at both sales and hockey.  He has worked at numerous media including yellow pages, daily newspapers and community newspapers.  Daily paper advertising used to be a license to print money but has reduced.  Electronics were to blame for the reduction of newspaper revenue but may be a dying fad.   Community papers are quite different from daily papers and still have value in content and specialization.  They will stay viable as long as they keep themselves “top of mind”.  As the electronic fad reduces newspapers can come back.
Stuart Wilson thanked the speaker though there was no certificate the usual lunches at the Women’s Centre will be made.
This weekend’s work party at Bryant Park is cancelled as the city of White Rock has done the work.
Brian was solicited to get the BBQ to Blackie’s Spit.