August 22, 2018 Business Meeting
Jerry Zdril – President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Pat Hahn – Sgt. of Arms
Rick Singh
Chip Bowness
Peter Herz
Don Boyce
Jeff Richards
Scott Phemister
Rhonda Latreille
Meeting Call to Order and Welcome
Jerry opened the meeting at 7:14 am and Scott lead the singing of “O Canada.”
Roberta provided the invocation.
Rotary Minute
A Rotary Minute was not assigned this week and Pat instead provided an update about the success and fun of the Golfun event.
50/50 Draw
In his role of Sgt. of Arms, Pat explained how the 50/50 draw works, and started a fresh run.
Business from Executive Meeting
Funding Request - Rotaract
We were asked to contribute to help cover the costs of the airfare to Chicago.  Not sure we initially agreed to do this, and suspect that our general offer to support and help out the Rotaract Club may have been misconstrued.  We agreed to cover the requested amount retroactively and let them know we need a more formal process for documenting and approving requests.
Chip suggested that we ask the member who attended the conference in Chicago to attend one of our meetings to update us on the event.  We would be pleased to ask the Rotaract member to attend with an executive representative if that would help them to feel more comfortable.
Jerry let us know that they are almost ready for their Charter Event, and he will pass on the invitation.

Funding Request – Lashibi School
We received a funding request to contribute toward the construction of a school. This request did not meet with our criteria to not simply write a cheque and to instead be involved with project where we have some engagement and participation.
It was agreed that we would respond with a nice letter declining the request, letting them know of our existing commitments.
Funding Request – Sources 40th Year
Sources is celebrating their 40th year anniversary and contacted us to see if we want to participate in a celebratory page in the Peace Arch by purchasing a small add.
We don’t have an advertising budget for this and do not want to use our 1 free advertising for this request.
It was decided that we would forego our participation in this Ad celebration and Pat recommended that we give any support directly to Sources rather than through the purchase of an Ad.
New Funding Request – Sources 40th Anniversary Fair
Sources is holding a Community Celebration and asked if the 5 Clubs would like to put up a tent.  The event will be held on Sept. 15 from 8 am - 5 pm.  Jerry will get more information about requirements and any potential costs.
Honourary Members
Jeff confirmed that the status of Honourary Member is left to the discretion of the Board.   
During the Executive Meeting, it was agreed that we would update the list and remove those members who have not participated in the club for the past year.  The following names would be deleted from the list of Honourary Members:
Catherine Ferguson
Gerry St. Germain
Ken Kimberly.
Where a club member has a current relationship with an identified Honourary member, the club member will reach out to the Honourary member to see if they are interested in re-engaging with the club.  Pat and Jeff agreed to contact Catherine.  It was suggested that we might want to consider a standard letter, and Pat recommended a personal approach instead of a letter to always encourage their participation.
Projects – President’s Meeting
Jerry shared how some of the clubs are finding it difficult to fund raise, and it was suggested at the President’s meeting that we consider a large group event to raise more substantial amounts of funds to be shared between the clubs. 
The Langley Ribfest was held up as an idea/example and it was recognized that these events require a large number of volunteers.
Peter warned against 5 club events that could lead to a potential amalgamation of the clubs. 
Rick suggested that we pursue our own individual club fund raising events, and that we reserve multi-club events for shared projects. 
Potential Fund-Raising Projects
Jerry brought our attention to the Semiahmoo 1st nations land and band shell on Marine Drive.  We could potentially explore a crab fest or beer fest at that venue.  Chip suggested that we start a dialogue and relationship with the Semiahmoo 1st nations band so that they can get to know each other and feel more comfortable about the potential for mutual projects.
Ready – Steady – Go – November 24
Roberta provided us with a robust update.
There was some concern that an event scheduled with the same band for the day before may compete with our event.
Simon (promoter) explained that the band is booked the day before for ‘Everything Liverpool.’  This is through the radio station that sent them to Liverpool.  This event is only $15 and is scheduled on November 23 from 7:30-10:30. 
Roberta believes this will not be competitive to our event.
Our Ready – Steady – Go Event details:
We will be holding a silent auction and Roberta shared that the Legion does not want us hold a 50/50 draw.  Jeff offered that this was likely due to their concern with a gaming license and we already qualify for a license, so this may not be an issue.
We asked that every member contribute 2 items to the silent auction and that the minimum value per item be set at $50.00.
Rhonda agreed to manage the silent auction items and track the ticket distribution and sales.
Pat agreed to get the tickets by September 26 and Roberta will update the poster this week.  Pat and Scott will ensure the posters get printed.
We agreed to raise the price from $35 per person to $40 per person.
Roberta suggested a poster blitz no later than October 22.
Future Meetings
All future meetings to be held at the Pacific Inn until further notice.
Jerry and Roberta will be away from September 12 – November 7 and the list below confirms persons chairing meetings in Jerry’s absence:
September 12:  Pat
September 19: Rick – Social
September 26: Scott
October 3: Rick
October 10: Jeff
October 17: Rick – Social
October 24: Jeff
October 31: Don
November 7: Don
Don reminded members of the Save-On Gift Card promotion.  He has lots of cards available for purchase!
Jeff announced that the 50/50 draw brought in $42 today with $26.50 for the club.  At this rate, we would earn $1,800 per year with the draw.
Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:37