August 23 Meeting
Meeting commenced at 7:19 AM.  Scott led the singing of "O Canada", Renee gave the invocation.  Our guest, Jennifer Brandon, was introduced by Pat.  Rick provided the Rotary Minute with comments from the President of Rotary International.  Background on the diversity and friendliness of attendees at the 2017 convention in Atlanta as well as information on the site of the 2018 convention in Toronto was given.  A suggestion that our club members consider attending the 2018 convention was made.
Thanks from all members to Deirdre and Brian (Snowbirds on the 16th) , Scott and Ramona (BBQ on the 19th)  for opening up their homes for club members and guests.  Much appreciated.
Executive Meeting on August 16 information.
Jeff reported on club finances. Total funds available, including $3,100 from the Irish Club musical performance brings total to $17,270. Total funds reserved from projects and donations is $11,678. Remaining club funds will be $5,592 which is there to look after club expenses with possibly some built up reserve that could be allocated to projects if necessary
We likely will have sufficient funds to provide the $13,000 upfront requirement for the potential Global Grant for the Cambodia project. Reported that Global Grant for Cambodia is being worked,  a requirement is that there needs to be a Rotary club involved in the country of project. A contact to be made with Cambodian club.  With matching money from Global Grant and Canadian Government, the amount available for orphanage is $60,000.   Great work by all.
Don acknowledged the 3 students from the orphanage that are being funded and sponsored by individual club members.
Fabulous Four concert at Legion October 28. Deposit on venue has been paid; need to organize tickets and promotion; expect to net $2,500 to $3,000 for Cambodia project; require gaming license for 50/50 draw - Jeff is working on this.
Sip and Savor event  on October 21 at White Rock Community Center.  Roberta and Pat to canvass Marine Drive restaurants for donations.
Rick working on next Shred It event.
Don discussed the SaveOn Foods food cards that provide 17% of card value to White Rock/South Surrey Food Bank. He will be bringing cards for members to purchase to each meeting.   Please support.
Pat mentioned the Tuesday September 26 Membership Presentation.   
Scott did his usual stellar job as Sergeant at Arms.   He introduced our guest speaker, Jennifer Brandon from the White Rock BIA.
Website is 
Guest Speaker
Jennifer provided some details on her background.  BIA is divided into 4 districts (Uptown, Five Corners, West Beach and East Beach).  Board is  comprised of 7 Members. Funding for the BIA is through levees from commercial taxes on the businesses in White Rock that participate in the BIA.
Jennifer provided a brief overview of the following BIA areas of interest:
1. Business Development; 2. Communications; 3. Beautification and Enhancement (banners, graffiti removal, planters);  4. Marketing, Advertising, Promotion; 5. Member Services; 6. Community Relations and Advocacy (ie: Task force on White Rock waterfront); 7. Sponsorships and Support; 8. Festivals and Events. 
She ended her presentation with a video on the free summer Concerts on the Pier.
Jeff thanked Jennifer for her presentation.
Next meeting August 30