Scribe Aug 24, 2016
The assigned person for grace was not present so Peter said grace.
The only guests were the two speakers.
Jerry gave the Rotary Minute about a Turkish Rotary Club which started a program 10 years ago teaching women in slums to read and write and in particular a young woman with no hands who wrote with her feet.
Announcements by Patrick
The golf tournament was fun and moderately successful. (See Sergeant below)
Though Rick was away, Patrick thanked Rick and others (Roberta, Brian and Deirdre) for a good BBQ last week.
Sip and Savour event. 
Pat reported on a meeting.  Last year 18 restaurants and 15 to 20 wine merchants took part.  Craft breweries are also involved and it will be a big event at Semiahmoo Mall.  Tickets will be $75 or 10 for $650.  There will be a 50/50 draw.  Last year there was a wall of wine.  Cocktail attire is expected.  Last year 200 people attended and $30,000 were raised.  Our participation is mainly ticket sales with some volunteer set up required.  The main beneficiary this year will be the South Surrey, White Rock Hospice Society.  Other beneficiaries are the participating Rotary Clubs and the Shine the Light Foundation.  Rotary clubs will benefit according to ticket sales.  Tickets are now available on line and hard copies will be available soon. 
Deirdre spoke on membership.  An activity sheet was handed out which includes a challenge to invite 3 guests to breakfast.  So far we have lost 3 members this year.
Sergeant Scott lamented the absence of Jeff who would have been fined.  The golf fun team was fined for not winning.  Deirdre and Brian are off to Whistler.  Joanne is celebrating a 20 year anniversary.  Don Boyce was at a grandson’s wedding and said he recognized he was getting old when compared to the 30+ guests.  Peter was happy that his exercise program is working and that his granddaughter is going to St. Andrews in Scotland for schooling.  Renee had a good dinner at Elizabeth’s where things are on sale on Monday’s.  Bob paid just because.  Jerry was chastised for not having cash.  Scott paid for missing the BBQ and for a blowout causing $4,000 damage to his trailer enroute to Kamloops, and for having his daughter, Madison, back home.
Scott introduced speakers, George Garrett and John MacInnis.
George said John would also speak.  He said that 40 drivers (more needed) are making 300 trips per month and the only fixed cost is $15 for the phone.  So far they have raised much money from civic governments and firefighters.  They will apply for lottery grants when they have been operating for one year.  He told two stories – one from a Victoria resident who wrote to the Sun newspaper and one from the wife of a patient who had used the Cancer society’s previous service.
John spoke of his previous association with Scotland and St Andrews.  He talked about the devastation of the previous service being cancelled.  He told of one lady who had to use Sky Train, Bus and Taxi when the rides stopped.  35 previous drivers contacted the new society.  The budget is $110,000 per year mainly for mileage.  They are hoping for continuity like pledges of $x per year for 5 years.  Drivers need a bit more liability insurance which is at their own expense.  The society pays $0.41 per km which is often donated back.  Bridge tolls are an issue.  Drivers and vehicles are checked out.
Scott thanked the speakers