Scribe Feb. 14, 2018
Pat Hahn was back.  He rang the bell about 3 minutes late.  He introduced guests of which there were many, Lindajean Coyle, Emery Dosdall, Leslie Singh, Lynn Bonness, Alf Marchi, Rhonda and Herb Latrelle, and guest speaker Rob Prosch.
Given by Rick Singh who talked about diversity and women in Rotary.  While we have come a long way we have a long way to go.
Pat said there were few.  He thanked Jerry for chairing the last couple of meetings, covered the fun night on Feb. 13, asked Peter to represent our club again on the 5 club breakfast committee with its first meeting Feb 15 and pointed out ticket sales are key.
Rhonda was installed by Lindajene who covered our motto “service above self” and was assisted by Rick Singh who proposed Rhonda for membership and gave a lengthy review of her activities.  Rick met Rhonda 12 years ago.  Lindajean pointed out that at the moment of her installation Rhonda was the newest Rotarian in the whole world.
Rob Prosch came from the Everett Mukilteo club and spent the night at Deirdre and Brian’s home.  He spoke about membership.  He was father of 6 children but is now an empty nester.  He told us that from 2011 – 2017 our district lost 220 members but is now increasing.  Our club goal is a net increase of 3 this Rotary year.  It is the duty of every Rotarian to share Rotary.  We need new people for their desire to give back, energy, knowledge, skill and talents.  Every club needs a legacy that it is known for.  We are not recruiting – we are attracting people who join of their own accord.  We need to wear our pins and have a short elevator speech ready when asked about Rotary or the pin.  People join Rotary for local projects (92%) and gain an appreciation of International Projects later.
We should invite guests to social events at least quarterly.  We should not drop potential members after a refusal but keep inviting them.
Jeff Richards thanked Rob.