Scribe February 28, 2018
Present: Pat, Scott, Peter, Deirdre, Roberta, Rick, Jerry, Chip, Brian, Rhonda, Don, Jeff
Scott led “O Canada” followed by Invocation from Roberta.
Peter reviewed the Rotary Breakfast. He has been the club representative on the committee since its inception. This years breakfast will be held at Star of the Sea centre.
Sip and Savour 2018 will take place on October 27 at White Rock Community Center.  No VIP room.  Sponsorships cost $2000.  Question was raised regarding last years payment of $2,050 from the 2017 event.  Jeff will verify the payment.
Reminder that the Charter night for the new Passport Club is being held on Saturday March 3.  Registration is available on the 5050 website.
March’s article in Peace Arch News requires any input that members can provide.
Pat indicated that Renee has requested time off from duties at the club.  She will continue as a full time member once her health improves.  She is willing and interested in continuing to organize the Shred It events.
Jerry circulated a sign up sheet for individual discussions with him, as incoming president, after each morning meeting.  He wishes to obtain members input on the current status of the club and future directions from each member.  This will provide background for developing club vision, goals and a strategic plan.
Jerry also indicated that information from the PETS session indicated that clubs have flexibility in determining membership categories and the characteristics of these categories.  Jeff will research the process involved with making changes to the clubs bylaws.
Motion to Allow family memberships as prescribed by Rotary International.
Family Memberships: second members can pay Rotary Int’l ($60 USD) and District Dues ($40 USD) and be voting members; able to serve on Executive.
Discussed and approved. 
Motion to reimburse Brian for $1,500 that was paid by him to orphanage in Cambodia in order to support the salary of a key worker at the orphanage.  This worker would be forced to leave if her salary increase could not have been paid.
Motion was approved.
White Rock Learning Centre
Moved to approve $1,500 in funding for the Bike program. Brian will investigate provision of equipment and tools.
Approved the request
Jeff stated that the Club has funds of $18,703 on deposit.  Of that amount, $13,142 has been reserved for the Cambodia orphanage, $4,400 has been allocated for community projects and the balance of $1,100 is available for other purposes.  There is also $584 that will be transferred from an account at RBC to the orphanage account.
Sergeant at Arms
Members were fined for not wearing PINK for antibullying campaign, Pat’s daughter (2nd) has announced her engagement with his other daughter’s marriage March 31.  Deirdre and Brian have their 12th grandchild (Dirty dozen).