Scribe Feb 7, 2018
Jerry Zdril chaired the meeting again and rang the bell almost on time but apologized for being a bit late saying he was hoping for more arrivals.  Even so Jeff was late saying he went first to the learning centre which is where our speaker came from.  He knew he was wrong because there were no cars there.
Scott was welcomed back to lead the national anthem.
Jeff read a rotary minute from the Rotarian magazine.
Jerry repeated announcements:
   President’s peace conference; 
   Rotary Leadership Institute;
   District Training Assembly; 
   5 club event in which former member, Karen, is preparing mixers;
   and new item RILA for 2018.  There are only 60 spaces so nominees should be forwarded soon.
Don passed Save on gift cards to Rick Singh, who got a promise to buy from Scott.
Next Week we will have a speaker on membership and will install our newest member.  Several important guests will be present. PLEASE ATTEND IF POSSIBLE
Our next social will either be at 3 Dog Brewing or the Afghan Restaurant.  E mail to follow.
Dierdre introduced Janice Smith , a teacher at the learning centre, who introduced Rory Brown who is trying to start several “hands on” projects at the learning centre.  There is a cooking program including a community garden, the bike program that we heard of before, and a carving program.  In answer to questions Rory and others said that they need several of each tool and that owning is better than the present practice of borrowing.  It was suggested that our club needs a learning centre project. There may be many tools available in South Surrey as people downsize.  There are a number of similar projects including Restart whose closest centre is in Richmond.
Scott thanked the speaker and asked that the Learning Centre talk to us about specific needs.  He said we all know people that may be able to help.