Meeting started at 7:15. Don led the singing of "O Canada" and Al gave the invocation.
Pat opened with a brief overview of the agenda. Members approved the  commencement of the Executive Meeting.
Members approved a motion to allow all members to provide their input and vote at the meeting.
President's report:
1. There was a proposal to have a presentation on "proportional representation in BC" from an outside group.  Members voted in favor of inviting the group to a future meeting.
2. A discussion on our club participating in advertising in a new publication "What's On - White Rock".  Pros and cons were discussed.  A motion to "Not support the advertising in the publication" was deferred to a future meeting.  Pat will investigate this at the 5 Club Presidents meeting and report back.
3.  Discussion on Global Grant.  Pat and Jerry attended the seminar.  Deirdre updated the Cambodian Orphanage status.  Communications with the Rotary club in Cambodia continues.  Jeff indicated that there are sufficient funds ($13,000) to provide for the clubs contribution to the Grant.  
Publicity report:
Joanne continues to work with Peace Arch News.
Deirdre suggested the members drop the monthly "Rotary Canada" newsletter to Dr's offices.  Stickers to attach to the front of the publication will be provided.
No report
We will likely need to move temporarily to a new location for our meetings while the Pacific Inn is being renovated.
On Feb 8 there is a 5 club social "Passport to Fun" being held at the Rotary Fieldhouse starting at 6 PM. Tickets are $25 each.
Pat described the Rotary's Avenues of Service.
Sophie's Place continues to work with PADS to have a dog placement.
Urban Impact update.  Pat will work with Renee to define the nature of the relationship between our Club and Urban Impact with regards to the funds raised at the ShredIt event. 
Members agreed that the incoming president (Jerry) will provide a listing of items that have been agreed on in 2017/18 by the executive.  These items will be carried over to the new year 2018/19 as necessary.
There was a discussion on the Container programme located at Riverview.  A follow up will be provided.
The incoming president will be sending out an email to all members asking for them to indicate their interest in executive positions for the upcoming year.
Don reminded members of Save On card program.