Scribe Jun 14, 2017
Visitors nearly outnumbered members today.
Shredding June 9, 2018 confirmed.  October date still unconfirmed but likely in spite of message to the contrary.  It was suggested that in October the Thanksgiving weekend should be avoided if possible.
Speakers Kiri and Denise
Kiri ran an interactive contest for those who have smart phones, and talked about the South Surrey/White Rock food bank.  The food bank has been in operation nearly 30 years.  50% of children from SRO’s are below the poverty line.  The food bank sees 650 people per week of which1/3 are children.  They give out 2 days of food per week through 120 volunteers.  Funding all comes from the community.  Government started food banks in 1942 as a temporary measure.  Save on gift cards assist food bank.  Nearly $400000 of gift cards have been sold.  Save on pays 8% and the Block family pays another 8% but is getting out.  7 new sponsors are required at 1% each.  Sources is the merger of several agencies.  They offer services in Employment, mental health, women, seniors etc.  Work experience is a major need.  They have over 11000 long term and 18000 short term clients of whom 75% are from Surrey.
Kiri and Pat promoted the South Surrey festival on July 29.
Dierdre promoted ticket sales for the Irish group.
Jeff presented a cheque to Denise
Peter reported on the 5 club breakfast.
THERE IS NO MORNING MEETING  on June 21.  Instead there is an Installation Dinner at Jan’s on the Beach.  Doors open at 6 p.m., dinner is at 7.  Renee will hand out color coded cards indicating main course choices.