Scribe June 28, 2017
Jeff arrived before the bell.  He was to give the invocation but he said he did not know that.
Under introduction of guests there were none but Pat welcomed the Zdril's back from vacation.
Rick read the new President’s comments in the Rotarian.
SHREDDING  Urban Impact has confirmed June 9, 2018.  We are still trying for a fall date as well.
Golf Fun is August 18.  We expect to enter a team.  This is the only Rotary International fundraiser in District 5050.  Each club is expected to sponsor a hole for $1000U.S.  Our executive will decide this at its next meeting, July 19.
Executive meeting July 19 at 8 am.
No meeting next week, July 5, for summer.  July 19 will be evening at Blakie’s Spit.  Some portable BBQ’s will be provided by Scott and Rick.  Cold plates are an alternative.  Consider bringing guests.  No meeting August 16.  Instead there will be a BBQ at Scott’s on August 19.  He will deep fry turkeys.  Balance to be brought by members.  Snow Birds will put on White Rock Show August 16. 
We are all invited to Deirdre and Brian’s to watch the fireworks on July 1.
Scott got to perform for the first time in quite awhile.  Stuart explained his absence in Britain, San Francisco and the West Coast.  Rick was in Toronto where he golfed and listened to a Cougar Party.  Peter’s wife had a birthday and Peter’s son phoned to say he was now sleeping with an old lady.  The sergeant asked how many years ago that call came in!  Jerry and Roberta travelled in P.E.I. where they did not see it all.  They also hiked and fed mosquitoes.  Scott is going fishing and hopes mosquitoes will not be too bad.  Rick congratulated Deirdre on the Irish event last night.  Pat paid for the installation night.  Renee is hosting a big dinner on July 1.  (None of us are invited)  She also gave thanks for the Rotarian of the Year award. Joanne’s daughter graduated with top academic awards.
PADS FUNDING  Following Pat’s e mail vote there was considerable discussion which cleared up some misunderstandings and resulted in motions to pay PADS both the $5000 and the balance excluding our 10%.  These motions carried.  Brian and Deirdre will get a visit explaining all this to them.  We still hope to have a representative from PADS and PAN at a meeting to turn over cheques.