Scribe Mar 14, 2018
Following the anthem led by Don and invocation by Jeff we had a Rotary minute by Deirdre about membership which included her appeal for old copies of the Rotarian magazine.
There were no guests and no guest speaker.
There will be a District Conference at Kwantlen University, 72 Ave and 122 Street, on April 7. We pay for 3 people (used to be 5)  and so far only 2 are going.
R.I.L.A. is being held on an acreage in Washington State.
Jerry and Roberta attended a meeting of a proposed Rotaract Club which so far has 6 of the required 16 members.  They are an energetic group which expect to have 16 members soon.  They are sponsored by 5 clubs.  They meet every second Wednesday at Laura’s Cafe from 6 to 7 pm. and enjoy having Rotarians present.
There are nominees for all Executive positions for next year, but Jeff will carry on if no on comes forward as treasurer.
An e mail went to most members for surplus tools for the learning centre.  Chip will pick up any at member’s convenience as start date is soon.
There will be a Webinar re Annual Giving on April 4.
Jeff proposed moving to Rickey’s during renovations.  A straw vote was taken recommending the move to the executive.
Social next week will be at Deirdre and Brian’s home. An E mail is to follow.
A unanimous vote to create another Honorary Member will go to the executive.
The Sip and Savour cheque is still outstanding.
Jeff questioned the cheque to reimburse Brian.  $1500 Canadian was approved but expense was in U.S.
Roberta passed out a new phone list but was given an up to date list by Jeff.
Roberta presented several possible President’s installation dates and venues.  May 23 at Beacher Street with a caterer seemed to be chosen.
Deirdre reported that Chip has worked hard on the orphanage project.  Chip reported on the justifiable difficulty of getting funds.  Wayne Wiebe is to be contacted for help.
Roberta replaced Scott as Sergeant and collected from everyone.