Scribe Mar. 28, 2018
This was a combined business and executive meeting.  There was a small turnout of members.
Guest Emery talked about the district Assembly April 7th.
Pat reminded us that a shredding event is planned for June 9th.  Posters to be ordered.  Dierdre to help but not chair.  Scott to chair.   Further decisions are to be made next week.
Jeff announced that we still have the previously announced $18,000 plus a new donation of $10,000.  A motion was passed to pay Brian the additional $500 that will bring his $1500 to U.S. funds.  Signing officers have been changed.
Chip announced that the Learning Centre Bike Repair program is going ahead.  Some tools have been donated.  The School Board and Canadian Tire have donated.  Italian biycle stands were bought at a much lower cost than budgeted.  They seem quite strong.  Advertising is not allowed on the school property but can go on the school’s web site.
Joanne reported that the monthly article in the Peace Arch News is still alive.  Water and Sanitation will be featured in the next issue.  There will be one or two New Member ads for Carlos and Rhonda.
Deirdre said membership is growing.  There was considerable discussion about honorary members and Paul Harris recognition at the President’s Installation on May 23rd at Beecher Place.  We have enough points to buy 11 Paul Harris memberships.  It was pointed out that we need a policy about Honorary Memberships that may include age and years in Rotary.  Rotary rules about Honorary Memberships are to be printed and included in package given to new Honorary Members. 
Rick is M.C. for the Installation.
Speakers April 11 will be three people who were on the Friendship Exchange to Thailand.  This will be good meeting and guests should be invited.
Next social will be April 18.  The Afghan Kitchen is suggested as the locale.  Pat said that some socials should have a speaker.
The Pink Palace is to be taken over and remodeled including outside paint.  The date for closure is not yet known but we may move, at least temporarily, to Ricky’s (formerly the ABC) on King George Blvd.
The next Executive meeting is April 18th at 8 a.m. at Ricky’s.  There will be social that evening.