Scribe May 2 2018
We had a very good turnout today with many visitors.  Additional chairs and tables were required, thanks possibly to Dierdre’s e mail, though the planned speaker had to cancel late due to a family emergency.
O’ Canada was led by guest, Mark Donnely, who of course did it very well.
Innovation was given by Alan Benson.
Guests introduced by Deirdre included Susan McGregor, and the owner of 3 Dog Brewing.  She and Pat both introduced Cliff Anabal and Christina from Whiteclife care home and Pat introduced Gary McIntosh and his wife.
Peter summarized last Saturday’s breakfast which was good in spite of rising costs and thanked those who worked on clean up.  Pat reminded all about the shredding event coming on June 9.  Dierdre has posters.  At explained expected funds raised and beneficiaries community events and the Learning Centre.  Chip summarized the Learning Centre new program and our involvement including equipment donations and volunteer teachers Pat, Herb, Brian and Rick.
Pat summarized some of what Rotary is for visitors.
Brian summarized our two international projects, the orphanage in Cambodia and the Aids hospice in Thailand.  
Pat spoke of the Rotary Foundation from which we still hope to get a grant.
Speaker in place of Cathy Jesson was Rhonda Latreille introduced by Deirdre.
Rhonda is the founder of a company on aging.  She gave  talk and slide show.  She told us that life expectancy is rapidly increasing and needs to be considered in cities and rural areas.  There has been a noble beginning but there is more to do.  Businesses must consider people over 50, not just products and/or services.  She asked us to consider how we feel as compared to our chronological age and said on average people feel 15 years younger.  Ageism is too tolerated in our society.  She gave examples of birthday cards and an old KFC commercial.  Age causes high tone deafness, vision loss, mobility problems, chronic problems and cognition problems all of which can be dealt with.
Rhonda was thanked by Jeff.