Jerry Zdril - President and Chairperson
Peter Herz
Chip Bowness
Jeff Richards
Rhonda Latreille


White Rock Peace Arch Rotary Beer Garden Planning Committee Members


Call to Order and Welcome:

Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:30 am and welcomed the white Rock Peace Arch Rotary Club Beer Garden Planning Committee Members.

Beer Garden Review and Planning:
The regular business meeting was replaced with a Beer Garden review in preparation for the August 15 event at Totem Park.

 Judith Lougheed walked the group through the full spreadsheet, updating any changes and confirming task assignments.

The shape of the beer garden footprint has changed.
We are back farther from the stage, and wider in depth.

The bleachers will be replaced with 50 chairs.

Janine, a caterer, will provide salads for sale.  She will need two volunteers to help with serving.

We will need better recycling and garbage management, especially given the addition of food.

There was discussion about the admission and complimentary beer/wine tickets.

It was agreed that we would not offer any chips, and that all food options would be handled by the caterer. 
Jeff felt that admission and comfortable seating was very appropriate for the admission price, and that the addition of complimentary drinks and chips further reduced any net proceeds.
Some felt uncomfortable with the move from 2 drinks to no drinks, especially given the fact that the White Rock Rotary provided 3 drinks part-way through their event.
After discussion, the majority of the group suggested we offer only one drink complimentary in addition to admission and comfortable seating. 
That being the case, we would not need any cards to be printed this time – regular tickets would suffice for admission/drink and purchased drink tickets.
Bert warned that we not change these decisions (number of complimentary drinks/food) part-way through the event.

 Jerry agreed to check with the Rotaract members to find out what the interest was in purchasing water/soft drinks. 
Chip offered to manage the acquisition of water and soft/drinks if it appeared that there was interest in the previous beer garden and if the caterer would not take care of this with the sale of food.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 am