Jerry Zdril - President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Jeff Richards
Scott Phemister
Chip Bowness
Brian O’Ruairc
Rhonda Latreille


Sandi Collins
Lynda Simpson

 Welcome and Opening:

Jerry opened the meeting at 7:19 am, and Scott led the national anthem.

Jerry introduced Sandi and Lynda, who attended our Shred Event and were interested in learning more about our Rotary Club.

Jerry asked all the members to introduce themselves to our guests and share a little bit about ourselves.


Rotary Minute:

Pat stepped in and shared when Rotary was first envisioned in Chicago in 1905 - intention was a networking organization. 
Had the wisdom to include as a cornerstone doing good deeds in the community.


Ceremony for the Cadets:

Pat and Chip shared again details about their participation in the Cadet Corp graduation.

Jerry suggested that we should consider asking someone from this group to serve as a guest speaker at one of our business meetings.



1.  State House — Jerry, Chip, Brian going on Thursday, June 12 to review the project to see if there is a way we can contribute and support. 
John Block will be our guest speaker at an upcoming meeting.


2.  Brad Whittaker, District Governor – Confirmed for August 21.

We had asked if this date could be changed to provide an opportunity for more members to attend. 
Brad was not able to change the date, so the original date of August 21 remains.


3.  Shred Wise Update:

Jeff distributed financial statements at the previous meeting and reviewed the highlights.

Scott confirmed that we are organized for November 2 for The Great Canadian Super Store.  Scott will be out of town that day. 
He won’t book 2 trucks, so we may have to deal with a dump run and return again.


4.  Installation:

Jeff is getting liquor license and liquor.  Roberta confirmed a 6:00 start with dinner at 6:30pm at Rotary Field House.


5.  Graduation at Learning Centre:

Chip to check out the date and time so we can attend to support the students and school.


6.  Beer Gardens — July 18 and August 15

Liquor permit still in process — approved and working through system.

Security arranged through BIA.

Insurance been covered.

Confirmed that we do have power.

Bert working on finding another fencing option.

Chairs confirmed for 340 plus bleachers in addition to 10 chairs for workers.

Tents, bleachers, portapotties all being taken care of.

Jerry working with 3 Dog Brewery and WR brewery for keg beer.  Red Truck can beer.

Scott spoke with a rep for wine.  Scott Suggested that boxes would be easier than bottle to manage and pour.  Scott is connecting with Everything Wine — 714 servings (5 oz serving).

Need 5 big tubs to put ice in to cool kegs.  The ones not connected to keganator still need to be kept cold.  Need to coordinate enough ice for that.

Jeff will look into offering debit in addition to credit card options that use the most efficient way to accept payment.

We need one more member from this group to sit on the organizing committee.  Next 3 weeks are the most critical.

Rhonda distributed draft flyer for promoting banner advertising on the south facing side of the fence. 
She is meeting with Ritu from the Chamber of Commerce about announcing the opportunity to their membership. 
Rhonda mentioned that she will also see if Alex from the BIA could distribute the flyer as well. 
Scott suggested that we first connect with the organizers to ensure that there would be no conflict with the promotion for the concert sponsors. 
Rhonda agreed to confirm with Alex.


7.  Sergeant at Arms:

Scott was very effective in collecting happy/sad dollars!


Jerry adjourned the meeting at 8:30 am.