Special thanks to Peter Herz for preparing these minutes.
Present (in order of appearance)
P. Herz               Late  D. O’Ruaric
P Hahn                       J. Richards, who poured coffee
R. Zdril
J. Zdril
C. Bowness
B. O’Ruaric
J. Taylor
A. Benson
Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:17
Scott led O’Canada and Pat gave the invocation in place of Jeff.
Jerry introduced “temporary guest”, David who had come for a meeting with a different Rotary executive.  4 members are to visit house run by David’s organization on June 13th
Pat was scheduled to give a Rotary minute but deferred to Jeff, who was not there yet.
Shredding event is this Saturday.  An attempt will be made to get a larger donation from those who bring a lot of paper.  2 or 3 donation boxes are to be in place.
Beer garden meeting was held last Monday.  License is in progress.  One approval has come 2nd is expected. Insurance and bleachers are in progress. 3 Dog Brewing has been contacted.  An attempt is being made to keep choices down.  Scott still to look into wine. 
Garbage cans to be provided by White Rock.  Cider or coolers to be supplied.  Jerry prefers Cider.
Rhonda to replace Pat on committee as Pat will be on Vancouver Island.  A. Benson may volunteer.  A map was circulated by Joann.  Jeff is to prepare for credit card transaction and a battery powered cash register was mentioned.
The day of the beer garden everyone is expected in one of two shifts from 1pm to 11pm.  5 people have “Serve it right” qualifications.  Some visitors are expected.  There may be up to 10000people which would be a big crowd.  It was suggested some music be provided in the two hours between door opening and beer service.  It was suggested the street should be blocked off.  The new parking garage on West Beach holds 800 cars but the beer garden is on East Beach.  The shuttle buses were mentioned.  Police may be looking for underage drinkers.

Jerry mentioned 2 items of information.
The meeting with the new district governor cannot be moved so will be on Aug 28th.
The proposal to have funds raised by the beer garden go to the pier repair was again mentioned and our objection voiced.  Jeff suggested Rotary take on an extra and have Rotary signage on it.  3 levels of Government and Insurance are paying for the pier repair.
Several golf tournaments were mentioned – Semiahmoo Club, Chamber of Commerce, Golf fun.
Installation is June 19 at field house.  Menu includes chicken and rice, lasagna, 2 salads, dessert and beer and wine for $40 per person at 6 pm.  Names should be in by June 6.

Jeff talked to Charlene.  She is not happy with the dinner club but is away until June 6.

Pat and Chip are going to the Sea Cadet graduation tomorrow.

Rotaract is now meeting at the field house.  Rotarians are welcome any Wednesday but particularly the first Wednesday of any month.

Sergeant collected from Joann, Peter, Pat, Deirdre, Brian, Chip, Roberta, Jerry, Jeff and Alan

Jerry will be away next week and meeting will be chaired by Pat.
Meeting ended at 8:30