Jerry Zdril – President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Don Boyce
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Deidre O’ O’Ruairc
Brian O’ O’Ruairc
Chip Bowness
Carlos Galvez
Jeff Richards
Alan Benson
Rhonda Latreille

Eva Galvez
Lindagene Coyle

Call to Order and Welcome

Jerry called the meeting to order at 7:16am,  Don led the singing of the national anthem and Pat  offered the invocation.

Rotary minute — no one offered a Rotary Minute this meeting.

1.    Update of READY STEADY GO
Jerry congratulated everyone for helping and attending - job well done — good time had by all!

Jeff provided balance sheet — net $3600 so far and some late payments just coming in.  Fewer tickets sold but charged more for tickets this year.

Herb Latreille donated a hand sculpted polar bear to the silent auction.  This piece retails for $1,500 and did not receive the minimum bid and Jerry suggested that we hold an auction online for this piece as some members from other clubs expressed interest.

2.  Christmas Party  CORRECTION - REMINDER ***** starts at 5:30 - dinner at 6:30 *****
Contact Renee directly about your attendance. Make sure you let Renee or Rick know so we can confirm #s for caterers.  Renee needs $525 for catering in advance.  It was agreed that we would pay Renee up front and then Jeff will charge attendees after the event. 

3.  Rotary International - Hamburg
Not sure anyone is attending from our club — Rick will participate in the Rotary Golf Tournament at St. Andrews.

4.  Rotary Foundation
Don Boyce, Foundation Month Chair.  encouraged member contributions to annual fund.

Jeff reminded us that it is better if we go online ourselves to make a donation.  Go to Rotary International and choose Foundation Giving. 
Jeff will send out status especially for those who are close to a Paul Harris pin. 
Make donation this week. 
Club is making a $25 pp donation to the Foundation.   We have to agree to this annually.

5.  Update - Presidents Meeting - Jerry

Polar Bear Swim
Who will attend from club and help?  Alan confirmed that we only need a couple of volunteers.   Suggest all Presidents go in — Jerry offered his foot ;-).

Chip and Brain are typically the brave souls from our club.

Membership Training with Rob Prosch 
Each club asked to contribute $30 to cover some incidentals — send to Semiahmoo Club.  Rob will be speaker next week.  Deidre encouraged everyone to bring guests, especially since Rob is coming from Everett.  Lindagene encouraged everyone to bring their questions — he has great ideas and loves to customize strategies.

Coldest Night Of The Year — Feb 23
Rotary team — evening walk about 5 k starts about 5:30 on Marine Drive - $25 registration fee or contribute $150 and registration waived.  This event is intended to raise funds for Sources - for homeless.  5 club — 25-50 Rotarians. Lindagene suggested Peace Arch Club have bright Rotary vests —- reflective and big enough to go over coat.

Beer Garden

Planning meeting on Monday Dec 17 at Hazelmere — at 12 noon — come and  hear Richard’s tips for the event.  We will partner with Peace Arch club.  T was suggested that we have our weekly meeting there, however; we have a guest on Wednesday, Dec 19  so will keep both.  Jerry is chief coordinator for this event and will be looking for assistance.  Pat encouraged lots to attend!

6.  Executive Meeting Last Week
Jerry took minutes as Rhonda was away, and suggested that after minutes are accepted — they be circulated to full club members.  Members agreed.
It was moved by Don and seconded by Deidre that:
“We acknowledge receipt and acceptance of Executive Minutes of November 21, 2018.”

Motion Carried

7.  Financial Update -- Jeff

Jeff provided a brief financial report update — we have about $37,000 in bank with $34,000 dedicated to Cambodia.  Now have additional funds from Ready Steady Go for us to determine allocation.

Jeff sent out recognition points for Paul Harris Award.  Make your contribution through Rotary International.  Lindagene reminded us that we can only be an ‘official’ member of one club. 

Charitable Society — transition to new Societies ACT — Jeff has taken care of this - Members and Directors of our club are members of the Charitable Society.

Jerry thanked Jeff for all the exceptional work that he does — accounting — grants — registration status, gaming license etc.

Gaming License Application
Jeff shared that we must have purpose for the funds, the funds cannot be allocated for an international project -- must be spent in BC.  Must be community based and continuing.   Could be WR Learning School - Parent Advisory Committee might be an option. 

8.  Lindagene -- Update

Rotary International had serious problems with their servers — lost 2 to floods!
Communication very haphazard etc.  This is Foundation month — under the presidential stewardship of Pat Hahn, our club has accomplished remarkable things.

Lindagene presented Pat with 2 banners and below is a copy of the letter acknowledging our position worldwide!  (In our district of 59 clubs, only 8 clubs received banners!)

The letter of recognition and apprecation states the following:

'.......Your club is distinguised from more than 35,000 Rotary clubs worldwide as being one or more of the following:

  • One of only 1,575 clubs to achieve Top three Highest in Per Capita Annual Giving honors in their district (only clubs with a minimum $US$ 50 Annual Fund per capita confribution were eligible.)
  • One of only 3,425 clubs worldwide to attain status as an Every Rotarian, Every Year Club (club must have achieved a minimum Annual Fund contribution of US$100 per capita with every dues-paying member contributing US$25 or more to the Annual Fund during the Rotary year.)
  • One of only 4,000 clubs worldwide to become a 100% Foundation Giving Club (clubs must have achieved an average of US$100 in per capita giving and 100 percent participation with every dues-paying member contributing at least $25 to any or all of the following during the Rotary year:  Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, approved global grants, or Endownment Fund)"

You don't have to be a big club — sometimes the little clubs do the most.  70% of clubs worldwide have 20 members or less.

9.  Salvation Army Donation Kettles
Eva made a formal request for volunteers to work the kettle donation drive,

It is a simple process, and the Salvation Army need to have volunteers complete an application to address liability issues.

There was some misunderstanding and confusion regarding which club would assume responsibility for which location.  Emails apparently were not received.

We need to move quickly to cover this Saturday.  Jerry offered himself and Roberta.  Pat also offered to help out this weekend, as did Don.  Some confusion with what club covers what area.....  Jerry will confirm once this is clarified.

10.  Fundrasing Option -- Ribfest

Jerry reported on a potential opportunity to hold a rib fest.  Both Jerry and Lindagene cautioned that this is a very large undertaking and requires up to 200 volunteers.  Although it can raise up to $40,000 net, it is a massive amount of work. 
Jerry shared that there is not a lot of interest from 5 clubs, especially because of the huge initial financial outlay and insurance because of alcohol.  Lindagene recommended against this.  Already have one in Port Moody and Langley and a South Surrey Ribfest might dilute attendance.

11.  Sgt. at Arms deferred to next week.

12.  Jerry Adjourned the meeting at 8:30am.