The results of our survey pretty well confirm that we hate the Easter Bunny and LOVE wine!

The Fellowship team will work with the results shown below to organize some great events to keep fellowship alive and well in our club.


Stand by to hear more and sign up to have fun!!


Results of Fellowship ideas survey

Event                             Love it     Mildly interested    Hate it

Santa                              5                   8                3

Bryant park clean up         14                 2                0

Bowling                            10                 5                1

Bocce on the beach           10                 7                1

Guess who's dinner           11                 3                1

Hockey Pool                   6                   5                3

Easter Bunny event           2                   5                7

Sandcastle contest            5                   6                5

Wine tasting                     15                 3                0

Other suggestions which surfaced:

Attend a Giants game,Curling,Fireworks Boat Cruise,BC Lions Game,Scotch Tasting, Job Fair,Evening at the Races,Concert at Chan Centre in October -Health for Humanity charity event.