Scribe Nov. 2 2016
Rotary Minute – Renee read about the Rotary Foundation and Arch Klumph from the Rotarian.  Guest, Lindajean Coyle, mentioned that only on the death of Paul Harris did donations to the foundations take off.
Announcements – Pat attended a meeting of the District Governor.
Sip and Savour is this Saturday.  Volunteers should have Doug Blender’s cell phone number on their cells, note that our club has a reserved table and know that only one door will be open through the insurance office.  Pat collected ticket money.
Grocery gift cards – Jeff sold all he had and is ordering more.
Next social will be at The Cabin at 6 pm November 16.  December 14 will be at Renee’s multi purpose room and cost $40 per person.  January is suggested to be at the Road House and have speaker, Wayne Baldwin.
Adventures in Citizenship – Ottawa.  We are contacting the Learning Centre for a candidate.  Brian has a possible candidate who hopes to go into some form of Diplomatic Service.  We have not heard from Adventures in Leadership yet.
Speaker Lindajean Coyle was introduced by Rick.  Lindajean is a member of the Peninsula Club and D.G. elect.  She has 3 adult offspring living elsewhere.
Lindajean said her kids are living in Canada but not close except one daughter in White Rock. She joined Rotary in 2002 when attendance rules were relaxed.  She joined an evening club in Richmond as a Corporate member with others from her employer, Kwantlan, which has gone through several names.  She did not become a Paul Harris fellow when other members did because she did not know who Paul Harris was.  She has attended several International Conventions, the first in 2005 in Chicago.  This was Rotary’s 100th anniversary and she learned a lot about the Rotary Foundation.  She now knows that it has been rated as one of the three best charities in the world.  When traffic between Richmond and South Surrey got to be too much she joined a club in South Surrey.  Being D.G. elect she gets to advise clubs but has no responsibility.  When she becomes D.G. she will have responsibility.  She said our club is one of three that does not yet have a President Elect.  While this is a concern having only three such clubs is better than some Districts.  As D.G. elect she helps the district Governor.  This year she ran golf Fun though she knows nothing about golf and she is organizing PETS.  She is looking forward to 2018 when she will not have any duties or responsibilities.
Question – How did you become DG Elec
Answer – She was asked to put her name forward.  She was then nominated with her club’s support which is mandatory.  Assistant D.G.s are not elected they are appointed by the D.G.  She has advertised for candidates, interviewed and selected.  There is a small stipend and some expenses are paid.  She is now looking for committee people.  She hopes to have a smaller Peace Arch Journal.
Question – How is membership in District 5050?
Answer – It is growing which is not the case in all Districts.  In August we had grown by 11 net which was second best in our zone.  On Nov 23 there will be a membership seminar at White Rock City Hall.
Jeff thanked the speaker.
Rick moved, Brian seconded, that Jerry Zdril be nominated as President Elect.
Lindajean said he would be good one and she was pleased.  Roberta said he has resigned from chair of his condo.  We think that means he will have time.
Next Executive meeting – will be jointly held with the next business meeting.