Scribe Oct 12 2016
Scott led O’Canada and the convocation was given by Brian
Gary McIntosh arrived with a crutch.
This was a business meeting combined with an executive meeting.
We were told Joann had attended yesterday’s cancelled executive meeting and Pat apologized even though Joann was absent.
Treasurer, Geoff, was away so there was no financial report.
Deirdre reported that she had received correspondence from Amsterdam re the orphanage which had raised $4000 for school debt.  Brian is planning to go to the orphanage again in February 2017.  Rick may also go.
Fab Fourever – Renee again surveyed ticket sales.  Event is Oct. 22.  No newspaper add is required.  Sales were aiming at 120 but there is room for 150 and that is now the target.
Next week there is no morning meeting.  There is a reservation for 16 at la Baia in Rick’s name at 6 pm.  There will also be another Rotary Club there.  Ideas for the November social included Sawbucks and The Cabin.  The Cabin is likely. 
Christmas will be on December 14 at Renee’s Club Room.  It will already be decorated.  Alan will bring his guitar.  Deirdre will check on Caterers.
Speaker suggestions include White Rock’s mayor, and the new Police Chief.  Also a speaker about the 5 corners fire was suggested as was Darin Alexander.  Lindsay O’Rourik has just joined the police and is another possible speaker.
PADS - There was considerable discussion of our sponsorship. Sophie’s place has not yet applied for a dog but is close.  Applications for this year will be closed by PADS soon.  So far our money has gone to PADS.  How much more will go this year is moot.   Surrey Victim Services has applied for a dog and does work closely with Sophie’s Place.  Some of our members have said we are raising money for an assistance dog for Sophie’s Place.  Where the last revenue from Fools Night Out went was also questioned.
Sip and Savour – Volunteers are needed.  Pat will send out the list again.  Hard tickets are available but it is easier to order them on line.  We could make $1,500 on this.  The profit has not been allocated and it was proposed that all of it should be kept for small projects such as our donation to Salvation Army. 
Urban Impact has asked us to do another shred event earl in 2017 and has promised up to $2,500.
Sergeant – Gary was happy his hip is improving, Renee was sad for a friend who has serious Cancer, Alan was happy for Peter playing hockey twice per week and for going to Whistler to run and sad for a classmate who had a stroke, Dierdre paid a travel tax, Pat was happy that his move is done, Roberta was happy to have contacted Jerry on Skype, Scott paid to explain it rained on his fishing trip but there were 34 people at their Thanksgiving dinner at the Vedder River campsite.