Scribe Oct 5 2016
Alan Benson led O’Canada and the invocation as Scott was late.
Fab Fourever – Renee determined that over 70 tickets are sold and more promised.  Event is Oct. 22.  The band is world travelled
PADS Renee attended the grad.  She said if you go take a box of tissue.  Renee’s friend donated $500 on the spot.
Sip and Savour – the sponsor also sponsors SASSY awards.  Contact will be made with the learning centre to meet the new principal as well as to see if they should be involved.  There are now 30 restaurants, 20 wineries and 8 breweries involved.  This is an all you can eat and drink event for $75 per person which Pat says is a bargain.  It is $65 per person if groups of 10 are purchased.  It is to be a 5 club annual event though only two clubs are involved this year.  There was again considerable discussion of the use of the proceeds and the possibility of a Rotary Foundation Grant.  The Sip and Savour committee meets every Tuesday. 
The next Rotary meeting will also be an executive meeting as the scheduled executive meeting is Pat’s moving day.  The following meeting will be a social evening at La Baia.  Roberta will give final number to La Baia.
Sergeant – Pat was happy that moving plans are going well.  Stuart and Renee both paid to have the sergeant go away.  Alan was sad that some grand pianos are being scrapped.  Bob was just happy.  Scott paid for being late.  Stuart paid a travel tax for a planned trip to Australia.
Speaker – Emery Dosdall was introduced by Rick.  Emery has been involved in Education in Sask., AB., and B.C.  He is past president of the Peace Arch club and assistant D.G.
Emery promoted the $1million dinner which requires a $10000 donation to the Rotary Foundation.  $400K has already been raised.  The event will be held at Tsawassen Springs.  The Rotary Foundation has donated to Polio, water, crime prevention, literacy, economic development, etc.  Speaker will be John Germ of Australia.  Only 8% of money raised by THF goes to administration including 6% to fund raising.  92% goes to programs and beneficiaries.  Forms and write ups were handed out and a video was shown.  There was some question about spouses being included or requiring a second donation.  Lindajean Coyle, who was present, will speak at a future meeting.
A video on  Rotary has been sent to us all.  Peter, with over 30 years in Rotary, found it contained information hr did not know and recommended that anyone who has not looked at it should do so.