Scribe Sep. 7, 2016
By Peter Herz
Today is a business meeting following an executive meeting yesterday.
Pat Hahn described our club as small but wonderful and enthusiastic.
Pat said, in the absence of Jeff, we have money in the bank.
Renee reported on the Shred-a-thon planned for September 17.
Dogs from Pacific Assistance Dogs will be present on shifts, Urban Impact has been difficult to contact, a check of people available showed several will be away but Scott will be there for set up.  It was proposed that we advertise at the police shred-it this Saturday as they have more restrictions than we have.  Our only restriction is binders.
Dierdre reported on the Fab Fourever Beatles Tribute
Tickets to be sold were handed out.  Renee is taking over.  There will be handouts at the shedding event advertising the Fab Fourever event.  There is also to be a big poster and music.  There is also newspaper advertising expected.
Pat reported on Sip and Savour plans for November 5
There was a recent planning meeting.  It will be a high end deal.  Many restaurants and wine merchants are arranged as well as some sponsors.  There will be a silent auction and probably a wall of wine. (120 bottles)  Our roles include selling tickets, volunteering at the event and obtaining silent auction items and getting more sponsors.  There was much discussion of our share of proceeds.  Pat  was told to negotiate this and get it in writing.  These concerns would not exist if the 2 Rotary clubs involved agreed on a single Rotary project, but that has not happened.
Rick reported that the next social will be September 21 and there is a need to know numbers next week and decide if it will be a set meal or ordering from the menu.
Time ran out and there was no Sergeant at Arms.