August 6, 2014

ImageOur meeting today was moved from morning at the Pantry to evening at the home of Brian and Dierdre O’Ruairc.  Members, Spouses and Visitors were invited.  Present were Alan Benson and Aline, Don Boyce and  Iola. Jody Gordon, Bob Gray and Helen, Peter Herz, Brian and Dierdre, Jeff Richards, Rick Singh and Leslie, Stuart Wilson and Karen.

There were also several visiting Rotarians who came on time and some who came later.  Regular visitor, Chip and Assistant D.G., Linda Coyle and Marietta Ostberg were among the later arrivals.  Linda and Marietta had been on the beach collecting for C.H.I.L.D.

Guest and visiting Rotarian, Linda Whitehead, was recognized for having been awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.

President, Dierdre, found a small bell and called a short meeting to order at which she reminded us of upcoming events including an executive meeting on Tuesday Aug 12.  We were entertained by a great show put on by the R.C.A.F. Snow Birds and then had a great dinner.  Early arrivers also had appys.  Several people tried Hickory Salt on their Ice Cream.