Commencing in late June 2009 Donate-a-Car changed substantially with the expectation of making more money and reducing transfers from the club to the society.

In the first 8 days of operating the new scheme we have had some very promising results. In those 8 days we received 7 cars that were scrapped and one possible donated with no receipt required. 7 cars in days would extrapolate to 26 cars in a month. Our normal month was 12 to 20 cars per month. The revenue to Rotary was $60 per car versus $50 before but before we paid $20 per car in variable expenses to zero now our net went from $30 to $60 per car. Again extrapolating from a very small sample, which is dangerous, our net variable income could go from say 16 cars @ $30 or $320/month to 26 cars @60 or $1560/month. Annually that would be from about $4000 to over $18000. Also the scrap dealer we now deal with is much more professional making the administrator's job much easier.

Finally we should note that Donate-a-Car started in 2004 at the suggestion of Gary McIntosh and has been chaired for several years by Pat Hahn. Diane Sharman did years of work on the project and was followed by Allen Barnett, both of whom were great ambassadors for the program